Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Best and Worst of 2006

At the start of each year, I look at the new calendar like a blank sheet of paper.. wondering what will be written on it. We all start off a new year with fresh hopes for a more positive 365 days. Upon quick reflection, I have had some great times this past year.. mostly thanks to my close friends and co-workers. My friends make my life a joy, and I am thankful to each and everyone of them... whether they live close by, or far away. 2006 had it's share of hardships as well, watching loved ones suffer with health issues, losing friends, and watching mounds of debt grow. But everything happens for a reason, the good and the bad, and it's important to look for what we can learn from all of it.

2006 at a Glance...

The Positives
- Getting a new(er) car
-Meeting Jason and having him in my life
-My college graduation
-Kristy's High School graduation
-Getting to know Sean, at least through internet and telephone
-Dinners at Bobby's with Dan
-Spending time with Anne and Vince
-Joe and Katie's Wedding
-Doing well in my two classes for the fall semester
-Getting to know Dave
-Having Toby in my life for another year
-Working with my wonderful co-workers, and surviving the holiday chaos
-Sean's Christmas "surprise"
-An AWESOME Christmas holiday

The Negative
-Car payments
-Poor advisement from UB, causing me to take an extra three courses before starting the teaching program or masters
-Grandpa's illness and death
-Anne's decrease in health
-The October storm and power outage
-The issues and problems concerning my youngest brother
-My father on strike for about two months
-The Tim saga


Anonymous said...

was your positive list longer on purpose or by luck?

Bingles said...

By luck.

Anonymous said...

be thankful you're lucky

Bingles said...

If losing people I care about, going into debt, and watching loved ones suffer constitutes being lucky... then yes.. I am. I tend to look at it as being: It could have always been worse.