Saturday, December 16, 2006

Went to visit Anne and Vince last night. Anne has been having a rough week with her heart. She said she was on the couch most of the day because her heart did a few "flip flops" as she calls it. I could tell by her face that she was rather drained. She perked up for the visit though. I helped her put together some crafts for the children she teaches at her parish, and I actually appreciated the busy work.. keeps my mind from wandering.

I had baked a chocolate bunt cake to bring over, so we ate that with tea, and just sat around and talked. We exchanged our Christmas gifts knowing we would probably not be able to get together before Christmas day. I ended up getting her a tart burner from yankee candle, and two scented tarts. Had no idea what to get her, but she seemed to like it. She bought me a package of green tea... that new pyramid bag kind. She also gave me a set of 4 pedestal tea cups, with holly leaves on it. I was so excited!! LOL I was just thinking I didn't have any holidays "tea cups" to use when visitors come over.. and now I do. She always thinks of the neatest little stuff to get me which makes me all excited. Guess the old saying is true: "Small things amuse small minds."

Dad told me that union leaders are going in for talks Sunday. I hope and pray this strike with Dunlop will come to an end soon. These poor workers have been on strike for months now.. it's pretty damn scary. Thankfully we are still getting some checks from workman's comp because of Dad's surgery, but everyone else is not as fortunate. If things aren't resolved soon, my family will be losing their medical coverage. :-(


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