Monday, December 11, 2006

I brought my Grandpa's mantel clock home from the repair shop... again. A week after I brought it home the first time, I had to send it back for more repair as it didn't keep the correct time. Almost three months later, it's back where it belongs.. in my living room. I've said it before, it is not by any means a great looking clock, but it warms my heart to see my Grandpa's pride and joy in working order again.

Had a chance to talk to Sean from Minn. last night.. was nice to chat with him again.

Jason called me today unexpectedly. He and Nick were in the area, and were going to stop by for a visit. Shame I had to work, would have been so great to see them. They both went to NYC this weekend for a quick visit... and I can't wait to see the pics. Always wanted to see NYC at Christmas time. Maybe someday I'll get there. I look forward to returning there again, though the possibility of a trip any time in the near future is highly unlikely.

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