Sunday, December 10, 2006

Just for the record, Splenda is EVIL. I baked some cookies from the dough I made with splenda and they tasted SO nasty. I had to throw the whole batch of dough out. So, I used the other bowl of dough that I used regular sugar in, rolled it out, and baked the cookies last night. I will have to make up another double batch of dough sometime this week.... those cookies are always the first to go.

Dave stopped by on his way home from work today. Was nice to have some company, though we both ended up passing out and taking a nap... still, was nice to have someone here.

There are some great lines from one of my favorite movies: The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood that keep ringing through my head. Basically, one of the themes of the movie is a mother and daughter get into a huge fight because of a misunderstanding. They do everything they can to brutally attack the other, and know just what emotional buttons to push. If you've ever seen that movie, I am the embodiement of Vivian Abbott Walker: "You know me, I take a problem and chew on it till there's no flavor left.. then I wear it in my hair for all to see." Another line I keep remembering is: "She's trying to hate you. You just dealt her a swift blow to the ego."

I have a gift for taking a bad situation, and making it even harder on myself. You mean to tell me I'm not supposed to add lemon juice to the wound? Damn. No wonder it hurt so fuckin bad.

Quote of the day: "Bitterness is hardest on the person carrying it."

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