Saturday, December 2, 2006

Finally went to the doctor's office today. Was hoping I would get better without having to go, but no luck. I have tonsillitis, so I was put on a stronger anti-biotic. I went to get the Rx at the pharmacy at work, and almost died when I got the bill. $45 for 7 pills!! There is no generic for it, so Univera didn't cover it. I was so tempted to forget it altogether, but I can't allow this infection to keep going.

Looking forward to being Santa tomorrow for the kids. From 10-2.. it's gonna get mighty warm in that suit! The kids always have a ball with it, and I like interacting with them. I was told by management not to promise the kids anything crazy, like a puppy or anything like that. Wii's and PS3's for everybody!!! =-P

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