Monday, January 1, 2007

First entry of a New Year

Got an e-mail from Anne today. She and Vince are planning on coming for a visit on Wednesday evening, and hopefully Jason will be stopping by as well. She also informed me that she ended up in the hospital for three days just before Christmas. She hopes "they got it right this time", and she claims to be feeling a little better. I have no idea what the problem was that had her hospitalized for three days, but I hope to get all the info when I see her on Wednesday. She's worrying the hell out of me.

New year's eve was rather uneventful. I went to my Uncle's girlfriend's house, which was pretty boring. I ended up eating a lot more than I had hoped which makes me want to lose 20 more pounds as a new year's resolution. That probably won't happen. LOL

A more realistic new year's resolution for me is that I intend to go out more to the bars. No, I have no intentions of becoming an alcoholic, but I want to get out of this house, and be in an environment where there is at least the possibility that I will meet a nice guy. It's been two years since I was in a real relationship, and I'm tired of watching everyone else find partners. The casual sex thing can be fun (though usually it isn't), and it fulfills a carnal instinct, but I want a life that's more than a series of hook ups. I don't like clubs, and I'm not a fan of drinking (and am too poor to support the habit even if I was), but going out once a week or so with friends for a drink, and maybe get noticed or start talking to people would be a nice change. has been a series of dead ends and let downs. Time to explore new options.

I had to go to Best Buy today to pick up a new laptop for my parents. The salesman (also named Michael) who was helping me was SO damn cute. I couldn't help but stare at him as he climbed the stairs to get the computer from the case. He reminded me of a youthful Spencer Tracy, whom I always thought was cute... regardless of how old his films are. Seeing this guy reinforces my goal to get out more... I'm tired of coming home to movies.. I want to come home to someone real, and someone who cares for me as much as I care for him. Though I haven't seen much evidence to support that idea.. I am not bitter enough to think it can't happen.

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