Tuesday, December 5, 2006

End of Semester

This semester is rapidly coming to an end. My last class is Friday, which is also the final exam. I can't wait till Intro to American Politics is OVER. I hate that class!! Was never a fan of politics. I have been studying my ass off for the exam, as I did lousy on the last two. Thank God for the attendance points. When I study the text and lecture notes, I learn the main ideas and concepts.. but on the multiple choice exams he gives, he picks some of the most minuscule fact presented in graphs or examples. Grrr. Anyway.. here's hoping!

I'll miss my American History class. It was a rather laid back environment, and I actually looked forward to the lectures, and enjoyed the reading assignments. I am not a fan of reading, so that's saying something about the material the professor chose. Actually, it's the professor who made the class awesome. He's a young guy from South Carolina, who has a one year position in UB's history department. He's awesome, and I wish they would keep him on. He doesn't have that southern twang going on, but he is so laid back and casual, like he belongs on a porch swing drinking a mint julep. He looks like Toby McGuire too.... mmmmm... he's SO damn cute. Yea, I'll miss seeing Dr. Hart twice a week too. =-P

I'm being forced into a science class for the fall semester, one that has a lab to meet the requirement for the certification program. It might prove to be a tough course, but since it will be my only class next semester, hopefully the extra time I'll have will help me to compensate. I'm not looking forward to it, but provided I get a C in Politics and Science, I'm on my way to the certification program. *crosses fingers*

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