Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Christmas Surprise

The mail lady delivered a package to us yesterday. My father handed it to me, and at first I assumed it was a gift I had ordered for someone. Then, it dawned on me that all my christmas shopping was done. Who was sending ME a package??

I looked at the return address, and saw that it was from my friend Sean. I figured he found some kind of plush animal or something for me, and wanted to send it to my for Christmas. I was already feeling slightly guilty at that point that I had not gone with my initial idea to send him a Christmas gift. I opened the outer box, and there inside was a nicely wrapped christmas gift. I thought I might wait until christmas to open it, but I needed some excitement, so I went ahead and opened it.

When I saw what he sent, my jaw dropped. I just starred at it in disbelief of what I was holding. Back in October, I had gone to Gennesee County Historical Village (just after our big power outage), and found out about a type of nautical oil lamp (a berth lamp) that I just fell in love with. I had mentioned it on my previous blog site, but soon blocked the idea of the lamp out of my mind because it just wasn't in my budget. Sean remembered, and sent me the lamp. I was over joyed, touched, and immensely happy. I normally say it's the small things that make me happy, but this was a tremendous gesture of kindness and friendship.

Yes, I needed a little Christmas excitement, and I got it from a long distance friend... who in many ways has always been a light in the darkness of life.

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