Thursday, December 14, 2006

Picked up the new elliptical machine from work today. Our garage is a DISASTER, so I cleared a small spot for it, and attempted to assemble it. There are around 500 pieces in that damn thing!! I would need a lot of room to empty all the pieces out onto the floor, preferably in numerical order. So, I put the pieces back in the box, and went for a bike ride instead. :-P

Jason stopped over today, and hung out for a while. Always a great treat for me to have company. Was really nice to see him again, and catch up on life. I found out yesterday that his bf Nick had to have his cat put to sleep. She had a lot of medical problems. I certainly feel for him.. loss of a loved one (and yes, pets count) is never an easy thing.

Speaking of animals, I stopped at the vet's office to pick up Toby's pills. As I waited, there was a 5 month old mini Colly. His name was Duke, and he was do damn cute!! He was all bouncy, and loved giving kisses. Friendly little pup. Seeing puppies is always great.

Got a Christmas card in the mail from Sean today, which was nice treat. I was actually very surprised when I pulled the card out of the envelope. Sean is anything but a fan of Christianity, and yet he sent me a religious card, with the Madonna and Child on the cover. When I saw the design, I actually double checked the return address to make sure it was from the Sean I was thinking. It was a really sweet gesture of him, and a very kind sign of respect for my beliefs. That simple act of respect and kindness made me so happy!!! It's the little things ya know?

Managed to do some more Christmas shopping, and am almost done. I have to get a gift for my godson, and for Anne and Vince. Wrapped all the stuff I do have already, and I am running out of room beneath the tree. That means Christmas is almost here!! wOOt!!

Walmart managed to really piss me off today. When you celebrate your 5th year (and Christmas season) with the company, they give you a holiday bonus. If you are part time, you get $25, if full time, $50. Well, this is my fifth Christmas with the company, and will be six years total in January. The company cut out the holiday bonus for the new associates eligible as of this year. So basically, anyone who received it as of last year was grand-fathered in, while the rest of us do not get one. How cheap can you get?!? Ugh!! Figures they would stop just when it was my turn to cash in.

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