Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I went to Jason's yesterday for a visit. I haven't been there in a while, and went over to see his Christmas tree. I call it the Super-Mega-Uber Gay tree. It really is. It's TEAL for Martha Stewart's sake!! BUT.. it's cute. Jason did a nice job on it.

I really enjoyed my visit with him. He bought some cookies, which I devoured, and we had tea. We even played a DVD version of Trivial Pursuit, and despite what he says, I kicked his ass. Well.. we both sucked, but I answered more questions right. =-P

He is coming over on Friday, and we will celebrate Christmas then, and exchange presents. Yay!!

Managed to finish the sugar cookies, and bake peanut butter cookies. The peanut butter cookies are HUGE, but tasty. Four dozen of each SHOULD be plenty... though I might make one more kind. I'm not feeling well again, and have been rather busy, so I haven't had the time to really get motivated.

Finally have all my shopping done. I'm looking forward to giving Uncle Vinny his gift. I had no idea what to get him. He is rather lonely in NC, and has been after mom to make copies of old pics for him. I bought a collage frame that holds eight 4x6 photos, and re-made some great old pics of his parents (my grandparents) through the years. I think he'll really like it.

The government is now putting some pressure on Goodyear to settle the strike at Dunlop. This might be a good thing. Dunlop holds an exclusive contract with the US Army to make the tires used on vehicles in Iraq. They are eager to get things running at full production again.. so hopefully that means my dad has a job soon (with continued medical coverage).

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