Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tuesday part 1

Finnished the last of my Christmas cards.... and even got a few in the mail. Made another double batch of sugar cookie dough, and even got some more christmas shopping done. I'm almost ready for the 25th. LOL Anyone else want to come and have dinner here?? Let me know now so I can make even MORE cookies. =-P

Mom and Dad are buying an eliptical machine. yay! We just need to make room for it in the disaster area that is our garage. Can't wait to get it set up and start working out on it. Will be a great alternative for a work out other than just the treadmill.

Been pretty bummed the last few days... and diving into the holidays isn't helping as much as I would have hoped. Seems everytime I try to resolve problems that are really bothering me inside, they end up a million times worse. It's not a fun pattern.

tick tick tick tick tick....

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