Monday, February 12, 2007

We received a call from one of our relatives in Pa. that my Uncle Joe (Grandma D's brother in law) is now in the care of hospice. He is suffering from the same ailment that Grandma died from, lungs filling with fluid. He has been hospitalized with this problem on and off for years now, and now all they can do is make him comfortable. His kidneys have already begun to shut down.. just as Grandma's did. He will eventually die from too much fluid in the lungs and around the heart.

I know my Aunt Ann is going through a lot, and I really feel for her. They have been married for 60 years, and have had a wonderful relationship. I used to love to watch the two of them bicker with one another.... and yet they never really stayed mad at each other. They always seemed just as in love with each other as when they were first dating... if not more. My favorite line of theirs was "The secret to a lasting marriage is always hold hands. If you are holding each other's hands, you can't beat the crap out of one another!"

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