Sunday, February 25, 2007

Good Times

I had a Saturday off (actually, I have next weekend off too!!), so I decided to go over to Anne's for a visit. Visiting Anne is usually an all day thing for me, and today was no exception. I stayed for dinner, but left at around 8 (which is early for us) to go visit Jeff.

It was nice to see her again, and spend time with her, but she looks like shit.. to be blunt. She peeled back the bandages from her hand, and I almost vomited on the spot.. which she gets a kick out of. All those stitches! Now she really does look like "Raggedy Anne". She hobbles around with a cane now, like a wind up toy in slow motion. Though, that cane allows her to smack people without even getting up, so it's all good.

I made a cake from a new recipe I found online, and OMG was it good! Anne's daughter in law Mary stopped over, along with her two kids. I haven't seen them in years, and they have both sky rocketed in height since I last saw them. Today was Mary's 50th birthday, so everyone was teasing her for getting old. We offered her a piece of cake, and she informed us that she was on a diet... this woman is a stick, and she's dieting! I felt so fat next to her, I almost didn't have a second piece of cake... almost. Mary's daughter Chelsea gave up all kinds of junk food (with the exception of granola) for lent. My eyes bugged out.. ALL junk food?? Mary told us she grumbles about it too when she gets hungry, so I took the opportunity to point out she makes the sacrifice void if she complains about it. "Remember the Pharisees in the Gospel who wrench their garments and proclaim to the world all their fasts and self sacrifice, I assure you, they have been rewarded already." But then I reassured her I was just envious of her will power, and asked her to pray for me. =-P

Anne and I always seem to get into some sort of "deep theological conversation" when it's just the two of us. I tell ya, for all my own studies and knowledge, I wish I had half the faith that woman has. I have always had an overly questioning mind... over thinking everything from religion to people. Hell, I even question my own questions. Anne is by no means stupid, but has the faith of a child.. something I wish I had.

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