Tuesday, February 20, 2007

This & That

Woke up this morning feeling "sick". For whatever reason, I have been waking up feeling really weak, or feel that way by the time I go to bed. It's as if all my mucsles are sore at the same time... and sometimes I get dizzy spells out of no where. Not much fun, but I guess it's part of the seasonal related crap I go through.

The weather was actually nice this morning, and I purposely parked in the furthest lot on campus just so I could enjoy the walk to class. I actually had the window down in the car! yay!!!

Got an e-mail from Anne today. She fell down the steps and can hardly walk now, not to mention has a LOT of stitches in her hand. I plan on calling her tomorrow, and seeing her sometime this week. I feel so bad for her, so much has been going wrong for her lately, physically. She worries me. :-(

Spent the day with Jeff yesterday. I really enjoy spending time with him. Managed to help assemble his new dining room table. I can see he's getting excited about the modifications and improvements he's making to his house. You have to be comfortable in your home, and if it's a mess, or not the way you like it, it can visually stress you out. Is that feng shui??? Anyway, it's nice to watch the transformation, and I'm glad he's getting things the way he wants them. He works his ass off, so when he's home, he should feel like he's home.

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