Thursday, February 8, 2007


Celebrated Jason's Birthday yesterday... of course I had to take the opportunity to remind him that he is an old fart. He of course enjoys reminding me that I will be 25 soon, which means I will officially be old in the gay community.

We had a good time mall walking, and had dinner at Jack Astor's. We went back to his apartment where his boy friend Nick met us to have cake and tea. It was fun, and I hope his day was a blast... Jason is one in a million, with a heart of gold... he deserves the absolute best in life!!

Went to the fire HOUSE (I mistakenly called it a fire hall) to visit Jeff last night. It's a neat old building in Medina, about 40 mins from here. Not that hard to get to, and I only got lost once. Thankfully I am the type of guy who doesn't mind asking for directions.... I insist my next car is going to have ONSTAR in it. The fire house is located just off "Main" street. I had to laugh when I got out of the car.. it looked like I just stepped into the ghost town of the "O.K. Coral". I literally expected to see tumble weeds, or in this case snowballs, rolling down the street.

I enjoyed seeing all the photos they have at the house of fires they have gone to over the years... very commendable work. It was neat to see all the patches from various fire houses in western new york hanging on their wall. I was disappointed to see there wasn't one from North Tonawanda, so I intend to get one from Joe to give to the Media Fire Dept. I made sure I picked up one of their patches to give to the North Tonawanda guys as well... and snagged one for myself. =-P

I got the grand tour of the place, which was very impressive. The fire trucks and ambulances were fascinating, and I was drooling over the old architecture of the older section of the building. I met one of the other fire fighters, Brian, who seems like a really great guy, with a wonderful sense of humor. The one thing I was disappointed in was there was no pole in the fire house. I always wanted to slide down one of those poles.. and YES, I am well aware that there was absolutely no way to say that without it sounding kinky. Ha Ha! Anyway, the original pole to the building was damaged in the 1980's, and has since been removed. I was informed that many fire houses don't use them anymore for safety reasons, but I always wanted to try sliding down one like they do in the movies. (again, insert sexual chuckle here)

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