Friday, February 9, 2007

Auto Show

Went with Jeff to the Western New York Auto Show at the Buffalo Convention Center. Met up with a friend of his there, and took a look at what the various car manufacturers have to offer. It was my first time there, and pretty neat. The downside is that I left there REALLY wanting to a buy a new car.

Jeff took a look at some new trucks... must be a firefighter thing. I liked the Chevy Silverado... huge ass truck. Wouldn't mind going for a ride in it, but I'd definitely do major damage to whatever was around me if I ever drove it. There was a Jeep there he was looking at too... a little easier to handle. I got in a Hummer just to see what all the fuss was about.. I still don't get it.

I dragged Jeff over to see the Buick models, as well as Cadillac. The Buick Lucerne is a really nice looking car... I was quite impressed with it, and it lives up to its motto: "Not your father's Buick". I also liked the Cadillac DTS. Finally, Cadillac makes a car I could picture myself driving again... which hasn't been the case since they redesigned their cars in 2000, dropping the D'Elegance look. Anyway, the Cadillac wasn't THAT different from the Lucerne that would make me want to spend the extra $10,000 - $20,000 on.... not that I have ANY money to be pondering new cars anyway.

Poor Jeff survived looking at my Granny cars, and I managed to not scare him off (yet) despite me taste for full size luxury sedans. Mmmmm... leather.....

He was introduced to my parents. Dad didn't say anything, which meant he liked him, because if Dad didn't like him.. then I would have heard about it. Mom asked a lot of questions about him, but summed up her feelings by saying "He seems normal." Toby loved him, and as far as he is concerned, he's a keeper. Toby's opinion is the one that matters so........

I have been tinkering with my bio lab which is due Tuesday. I want to pull my hair out!! I had to e-mail the professor for some clarification, and hope he gets back to me ASAP. Ugh.. I need a vacation.

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