Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I FINALLY got a build a bear today!!!

I was woken up out of bed by the sound of my AIM going off. I couldn't imagine who would have the nerve to wake me up... it was Jason. lol He invited me out to lunch with his brother over at Red Robin, so we met up there and had a bite to eat. Afterwards we went out to the Galleria Mall to the Build a Bear workshop.

He and I have been kinda down lately, with school work and the fact that we are both at the ages we are, and making shit money.. and living in our parent's homes. So what would make us feel better? Spending money we don't have on stuff we don't need! Woot!! Good times!! =-P

We built a bear for each other, which were to be a representation of ourselves. We had a good time making them.. even though Jason will never admit to that. I "made" him a butterscotch colored bear wearing a blue polo, khaki pants, sketchers sneakers, and a blue cap. His name is Bingles (the second Bingles bear I have given to a friend). Jason picked out a forest black bear, with army cammies, and beret... along with combat boots. His name is Sgt. JJ. They turned out really nice... and Sgt. JJ and I already took a nap together. LOL Yes.. we are gay.. very very gay. They're cute symbols of friendship... and nice reminders (and huggable reminders) of the friends you have on days when you feel so alone.

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