Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Old Friends

Usually I take down my tree on New Year's Eve or day... I decided to keep it up because I wanted Anne and Vince to come over for a visit and see it first. They came over tonight, along with Jason, and we hung out for a few hours.

I always enjoy spending time with them, and Anne thinks very highly of Jason, so it was good that they were able to spend some time together as well. Laughing and talking over a cup of tea has always been a favorite past time of mine.

Anne is looking better despite her recent trip to the hospital. Seems she had a few ulcers, which hopefully they were able to help repair. She is optimistic at least, and eager to get back to life. Vince too looks very good, and will soon be turning 79. They are both up there in age, but they don't act like it. We always manage to talk for hours, laughing most of the time. Despite out age gap, she and I have been best friends for eight years now.
I finished reading my book on Katharine Hepburn today. It is the quickest I ever read a book of that length.. one week. I totally enjoyed it, staying up until 2AM reading. She had published an autobiography in the early 90's, but I don't feel the need to read it. This one did such a great job of telling her life, and giving other anecdotes along the way. It was as if the reader was forging a friendship with Hepburn, just as the author had. I even shed a slight tear at the end of the book which ends with her death. I guess I was a little sad that my "getting to know her" had ended as well. While I look forward to my other reading, I will miss curling up on the sofa, or sitting in my favorite chair, and spending some time with the enduring and immortal Katharine Hepburn.

While reading the book, I thought a lot of my relationship with Anne. What first started out as a meeting for professional reasons (well.. we were both teaching at the time) developed into a long and close friendship.. despite our age gap. It's really amazing how both the author and Hepburn, and Anne and I have grown so close over the years of our friendships. I look forward to many more talks and quality time with Anne. :-)

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