Sunday, January 14, 2007

Where's my drink?!?

I got a text message from Dave yesterday afternoon telling me he had sold a car.. his first in his new job at a local dealership. For some reason I was excited.. more so than he was. LOL

We texted back and forth all day, which was nice for me because work was rather slow, and we were actually over staffed. After work I went home for a quick shower and a change of clothes, and went over to Bobby's for dinner with him and Dave. Good food as usual. Dave was insistent on going out for a drink.. I wasn't much in the mood for it, and Bobby was too tired to make the trip out. I would have preferred to have stayed at Bob's, but I ended up at Cathode with Dave. It was ok, and I got to see a few people whom I hadn't seen in a long time, and met a few guys I only knew from the chat room. It was too crowded and loud to really enjoy myself, but watching the people there was funny as hell.

There was one guy I knew of from the chat room, and only met once a summer or two ago. I always thought he was VERY good looking... most people do. I hadn't seen him in a year since he doesn't live in the area. He was at the bar last night.. wearing pajama pants, and a muscle shirt. He was trashed, and looked stoned out of his mind.. he was actually being held up! What really surprised me about watching him was that he had lost a lot of the definition he had in his arms, and even had a small "gut" on him (as pointed out by others). Still good looking, but the whole site of him stumbling around as if he was going to puke in his pj's was rather pathetic. Really, what it showed me was that even the best looking guys can't fight time, and can't live like a 16 year old forever. At the age of 25, you could tell his body and age were catching up with him.. and he looked like an old has-been (again, a comment I heard repeatedly, though not necessarily my opinion)... a former party boi, now being talked about as a washed up drunk. I'm not writing this to pass judgement, but it was proof to me that gay men can't put much stock in looks and good times... it's a very short lived life.

I managed to get Dave to come with me to Fugazi, which is my bar of choice. It's much cleaner and nicer looking than Cathode. It was still rather busy, but we found a table, and I was FINALLY able to have a drink... and actually be able to converse with Dave. He's a good guy who needs a mega shot of self confidence. There is a lot in him that reminds me of myself, and as a result, I feel comfortable with him. We had a nice night together, and despite the crowds, it was nice to get out and be seen.

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