Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Another change

Joe and Katie are planning on moving into Grandma's house on Saturday. There is still much work to be done, including the bathrooms and kitchen being finished. As I was told though, the painting was done, as well as all the carpeting.

I haven't been in the house since November, and have been avoiding going over there. After going for a hair cut, I decided to go over to the house since I knew no one would be there. I still have my house key. I walked in still expecting to smell her banana cake, and see her at the table. That house is SO different now.. which is of course a good thing.

I had mixed emotions as I went through the house quietly, by myself. I saw the rooms in a way I had never seen them before. That house looked the same since it was built. It was a big deal on the very rare occasion she bought a new couch, or moved a piece of furniture. Everything from the rugs to the canisters on the kitchen counter were always the same. That house was my sanctuary, and now it's so radically different. It's odd, there are still signs of the former owners in the house... like Grandma's home still exists under the paint and new rugs, pieces of that past still peaking out into the present.

As I walked through the house, I was not only looking for what had been updated, I was looking for Grandma. I didn't stay long, and as I closed and locked the front door, it really sank in.. It's Joe's house now.

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