Thursday, June 12, 2008

Man about town?

I've been frequenting the bars much more recently, having gone out again last night with my buddy Justin and his room-mate Conrad. We went out to Fugazi, then to Cathode, and back to Fugazi. No, I am not becoming an alcoholic, I drink water 95% of the time I'm out.. it's cheaper, healthier, and less fattening. I go out for the social experience, and if I want to get a boy friend, I should go to where the guys are.

Part of the attraction of going to the gay bars besides the possibility of meeting someone worthwhile is the people watching. There is nothing more fun than watching people at a bar.. especially a gay bar. You just never know what you will see. Last night, there were two older women, whom I was referring to as secretary social lites (heavier older women who looked like they were on an extended happy hour right after work), who were bumpin' and grindin' against this younger.. and ripped.. gay guy. I'm guessing he must have been a friend of theirs, or possible co-worker. It was hilarious to watch!! The big ladies were getting in touch with their inner groove thang, and while there was obviously no chance of them hooking up with the young hottie, they were enjoying the fantasy of it all.

An acquaintance of mine... drunk off his ass... came over to me while he was waiting for his boyfriend (an old friend of mine) to show up. For some reason, when certain gay men are drunk, they like to start critiquing people's outfits.... meaning they go up to a person and tell them how they should dress. I hate this. You don't have to like a person's style, you can even laugh about it to yourself or to your friends if you find it that amusing, but DON'T start telling other people what to wear and how to dress.... especially when you look like a drunken mess yourself. While he liked my signature fedora (I'm just one of those people who ALWAYS tends to wear a hat when outside.. and as I've said, I personally don't do baseball caps), he felt I would look better without a hat on (though he was sporting an ugly lime green cap himself). So... he proceeded to remove my hat. Had I not known him already, that would have been cause for a brawl. Don't touch me.. or my hat! Then... he tried to remove my glasses... saying I'd look better without them. I personally prefer guys with glasses... it gives them the cute educated and sophisticated look I go nuts for. What was funny about the glasses thing was that Kevin had to go right up to guys faces to see who they were. He too wears glasses but won't wear them to the bars, and can't afford contacts. So he walks around like Mr. Magoo for the sake of "fashion". Bitch, please.

I don't get it. I sent drunken Joan Rivers on his way, and continued to enjoy my time with Justin and the other people at the bar. Good times.

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