Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just give me lipo, damn it.

"Matthew, Mark, Luke and John... shake that flab until it's gone!"

-- No, that's not my mantra, but maybe it should be. I could use a little divine help right now. Does Jesus support weight watchers?

I was so proud of myself for going from 305 down to 180... but alas, success if fleeting. Since the wedding last year, I have steadily gained weight. Stress has been a big factor, especially with school. I have been doing my best to start working out, but I'm not making out so well.

My biggest problem is dealing with eating junk food. I don't know how I did it in the first place.. giving up all the good stuff and living on fruits and veggies day in and day out. There are only so many apples, grapes and bananas one can eat before he says "f*** it!", and has a chocolate bar. I became so used to grabbing comfort food, that now I have to kick the addiction. Let's face it.. good food can be like crack. You keep wanting more.. you crave it.. it calls to you in the night. GIMME JUST ONE MORE POTATO CHIP MAN!! JUST ONE MORE!!

I was doing so well today with staying on task and eating right. I went out with my friend Paul, and we stopped at Starbucks and I managed to pass up the numerous pastries that were for sale, and had a cup of green tea. I got home and didn't do so well. A few cookies and slices of pizza later... yes.. I said pizza.... I was watching tv with a satisfied appetite and a pissed off mind set. I burned off some steam on the elliptical for about 25 minutes, but I'm still pissed at this loss of control.

I have to work on this will power thing some more. Damn you Betty Crocker and Little Debby... just leave me alone!

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