Monday, June 9, 2008

Gay Pride 2008

Yesterday was the annual gay pride parade and celebration for Buffalo. The parade goes down Elmwood Avenue and ends at Bidwell park. The parade itself is never anything spectacular. Mostly, it's local organizations walking down the street, with two or three actual floats (which are sponsored by the bars).

I love to go and see all the families that attend... the small children with their two mommies or two daddies. In fact, there was a float of children of gay parents, which made me so happy to see. What pissed me off was that the group of children was right behind the group of leather men in chains and handcuffs. So not appropriate for children. In fact, I wish the pride movement would move away from the SEX aspect, and focus on our human rights and the love that we share for one another, as is the case with any heterosexual relationship. It should have nothing to do with what you do in the bedroom. *Gets off soap box*

It was so nice to see so many people out at Bidwell park. I saw quite a few friends and acquaintances that I hadn't seen in ages. I never know who I am going to run into at that event.

Later that night, I met Nick and Jason out at Fugazi (and later Cathode) for a drink. We had such a good time, and met up with our friend Josh and his boyfriend Jeremy. They make such a cute couple. We had a blast talking and laughing over drinks.

My friend Tom stumbled in a little later in the evening... drunk off his ass. He was SO out of it... it was quite comical. I guess he had been out since before the parade started (he was in the parade), and he had been at the beer tent and then the bars all evening. At one point, he even walked into a wall. I'm still laughing over the sight of that one!

It was a fun day. :)

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