Monday, July 2, 2007

Poor Jason

It's amazing my friend Jason sticks around. We went out shopping at the mall, and then out to lunch/dinner. I picked up two small shelves to hang in my living room, which I purchased with the intent of Jason, not me, hanging them. My little scheme to put Jay to work was revealed as we were in the store.... but as we found out, the reward of food was not enough.

These were and are the selves from hell. Even my father has not seen such a messed up bracket system before. The screws are smaller than standard (which means we can't find replacement screws that will fit into the holes/brackets of the shelves), and the anchors turned out to be useless. After a trip to the hardware store, some cursing, a big mess, and a lot of frustration, Jason managed to get one of the selves up (I admit.. I didn't help at all). The one shelf is up, and the second shelf will have to wait for when Jason can pick up some other piece of hardware that will magically fix this mess (thank God he knows what the heck he's doing). So I have two rather large holes in my wall (which if we don't use I will simply cover up with the shelf and forget they exist), and a shelf lying on the floor. It is taking all the will power in the world not to give into my OCD and to take the whole damn thing to Lowe's, hand it to a worker and say "MAKE IT WORK!" On top of that.. my paranoia is telling me that the other shelf will come crashing down any minute and destroy everything below it.

Jason left here to go out with his boyfriend, but I'm thinking after what I put him through.. he went straight for a bar.

Nothing is ever easy for me. Even those products that say "a child can do it" require me to seek professional help.

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