Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I went to the theatre to see the new Harry Potter movie, and yes, I have grown quite accustomed to going to the movies by myself. It was PACKED. I had to get a spot in the second row, and my neck is still killing me from looking up at the screen.

It was worth the frantic drive down there (to not be late), and the stiff neck. It was an awesome movie!!!!! They left out a lot of detail from the book, naturally, to save on time... but did manage to include all the good stuff. It amazes me how much the the movies portray locations, characters, and scenery the way I pictured them in my mind when I read the books initially.

The fight scene between Dumbledore and Voldemort was amazing, and made it worth the price of admission. I'm so psyched now for the next book to come out... and a little bummed that it will be the last book in the series.

Yes.. I am a geek and I fully admit it!

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