Sunday, July 8, 2007

Family Fun

The family all came over today to "officially" celebrate my birthday (meaning there was a cake involved). We had pizza and an ice cream cake, and all sat around laughing... on top of having to listen to the sound of them bellow out the "Happy Birthday Song".

After cake, about 10 of us got together to play Catch Phrase. It's similar to the old Pyramid game show where one person on your team has the name of some person, object, or saying, and has to give you clues to figure out what it is before the buzzer sounds. My sister in law and little brother had us rolling on the floor laughing with their blunders. Katie's hint for one was "The big ape who climbed on top of the building. The scary movie...." Everyone kept guessing King Kong, but when she said "no, the other one.." I knew right away that she had the wrong movie, and kept laughing until her team's time was up. She was going for "Godzilla".

Scott's was the best. His descriptions was, "She was the black woman who wrote that book... you know, that book about her life." Well, everyone was guessing Oprah, Harriet Tubman, some even said Rosa Parks. No one on either team could guess who he was referring to. When the buzzer sounded he finally told us... "Anne Frank!" All of us almost fell off our chairs laughing.

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