Saturday, July 7, 2007

25 years on Earth

Today marks my 25th birthday. I can't believe I have managed to exist for a quarter of a century and no one has shot me... yet. :-)

I had a wonderful day thanks in large part to my good friends. It started with a trip to the Taste of Buffalo with Nick and Jason.. and all the trip was on them. We had a great time, and all sampled in the various foods that local Buffalo restaurants have to offer. I gladly indulged in three wine slushies which made the day even better!

Uncle Vinny took my mother and I to Condrell's on Delaware in Kenmore for some ice cream. Mom and I both had no fat - no sugar sundaes, otherwise known as "what's the point?". I was bombarded with an array of greetings via text message from my family and friends throughout the day as well... even from my older brother who has never wished me a Happy Birthday (that I can recall).

The day ended with a WONDERFUL dinner with Jason at my dear friend Bobby's home. He made my favorite meal... meatloaf!!! We had drinks and homemade apple pie for desert. It was a blast to spend time with them... and everything was cooked to perfection, as always!

Much to my great surprise I even got a birthday greeting from Jeff... which shocked the Hell out of me. I'm weird when it comes to ex boyfriends, and am one of those people who, like Miranda from Sex in the City, prefers to shake hands, walk away and pretend the other person doesn't exist. It was very kind of him to remember me, and was nice chatting with him via AOL instant messenger.

Good people make a big difference in life, and my friends and family certainly made this day a wonderful celebration for me. I'm fortunate to have real friends such as Bobby, Jason, and Anne who make everyday a celebration, and a sincere joy to have them in my life.

Thanks everyone for making my transition into old age as painless as possible.

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