Thursday, March 1, 2007


I'm tired of people. I'm tired of coming home and having to listen to my family bitch and yell... then go into work to pick up the slack left by others.

My Dad is having surgery tomorrow, and I guess my Mom wants us to be wrenching our garments and cry our eyes out.. otherwise we're "ungrateful" I guess. I should have volunteered to make dinner tomorrow, even though I have to be to work at 5. Let them make a peanut butter sandwich, just like I end up doing when I come home from work at 9:30, starving, only to find out everyone went out for dinner.

Every day I go into work, before I even swipe my badge and clock in, I get a shout out from a manager telling me how I'm working yet another shift by myself, or am expected to act as a Fuji technician (which is NOT my job) because the machines are down AGAIN! -- OR, my schedule gets jerked around and they have me coming in on days or times I'm not available, as if the reason "we're short staffed" is supposed to make it ok with me. Is it my fault we haven't had a manager for weeks, and probably won't any time soon?

Why is it I have to be on top of everyone else's lives, remember everything they are doing, help where I can, and being supportive when most people don't remember me? I've had two fevers in the past week... Jason was the only one to check on my progress. I had a major Bio exam, and he again was the only person to follow up on how I'm doing in this class from hell.

I'm gonna start exploding at people, and they're going to turn around and say "What's the matter with Mike all of a sudden???"

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