Monday, March 5, 2007


Yesterday was my cousin Nicholas's Christening. My old friend, Father Martin performed the ceremony as my cousins are members of his parish. There were two families in having a baptism that day, and when he put his glasses on to give his sermon, he finally noticed me. He stopped in the middle of what he was saying and came down to greet me. "Michael! How are you?" As he leaned over to shake my hand, Kristy wispered to me "You just crashed the Christening!"

In his sermon, father reminded us that we are bound to pick up some of our parents traits (reminding the parents to be an example to their children).. I leaned over to Kristy and said, loud enough for Mom to hear me, "With enough therapy, I hope to avoid that!" Kristy started giggling, and my God-mother poked mom in the ribs laughing also. =-P

Went to the station last night to visit Jeff while he was working a shift. Thankfully there were no calls, so I was able to stay with him a while. We watched a hillarious episode of Family Guy, then we watched Airplane on DVD, which I had never seen in its entirety. It was a good movie. I give Jeff a hard time because I don't get to see him much, due to what I would consider a hellish schedule, but I appreciate, enjoy, and look forward to the time I do get to spend with him. He's a great guy, worth being patient for.

I had an appointment before work today, and had an hour to kill before my shift started. I decided to run some errands instead of driving home, only to have to turn around and go back. I stopped at Burlington Coat Factory, and noticed they had Easter stuff out. I walked over, and saw that they had plush Easter baskets in the shape of PEEPS! I wanted one so bad!! I LOVE peeps!! They had the baskets in the shape of the peep birds in various colors. They had the peep bunnies, but those are stupid.. it has to be the chicks. I made my way to Target, and found they had little peep bean bag "animals"... and for $3.00 -- I had to get two. One yellow and one blue to use as Easter decorations. Even though Chocolate is the only kind of candy I really like, I do eat Peeps at Easter. Every kid who grew up in the 80's remembers Peeps, and it wouldn't be Easter without them. Oddly enough, I have no desire to buy marshmellow chicks... only on Easter Sunday I guess.

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