Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Damn you Walmart!!!

Well, it's almost 9am.. so why am I at home sitting at my computer?? I'll tell you why....

When my manager brings a copy of our schedules into the lab, and discusses with us the shifts we are going to be working, I, like everyone else, copy my schedule from that copy. Well, this week I get screwed (as have others recently). Before the master copy was put into the computers, the schedule was changed. So, the official schedule was different from the one I had copied directly from my manager. So.. I showed up to work at 8am only to be sent home. I lost out on an eight hour shift. I also find out that I was supposed to work yesterday! When I asked my manager why no one called, she simply said "We had enough coverage, so we didn't bother." Now, I'm listed as a "no call - no show" which is a very bad mark on my work record.

So yea.. now I not only have the mark on my record, instead of 20 hours of pay this week.. I get a meager 12!!! >=-O

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