Friday, March 16, 2007

Peeps.. Peeps, and MORE PEEPS!

I had a LONG day at work. I worked from 11AM to 8:15PM... and it was nuts from the word go. I came into the lab with my manager working on the printer, with chemical all over the floor... not a fun start to a day. I swear those machines plan to break AT THE SAME TIME.. because the kodak machines soon followed the mechanical rebellion, and decided to act up.

Anyway, Cindy from the portrait studio was my peep dealer.. which gave us the sugar high to keep going. We were all thrilled to find out they introduced a new color peep... GREEN! I can't even tell you how many peeps I ate, but I can honestly say, it was a peep over dose!! Hey, it gave us something to laugh about.. and as you can see from these pics (admittedly blurry), peeps are our sacred "animal" and food in the photo center! =-P

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