Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Poor CofE

The Church of England is now dealing with the problem of allowing female "priests" and "bishops". One has to feel sorry for the Anglican Communion. They seem to have lost any sense of identity, tradition and heritage they once had. It seems like every other week there is a new trend in their style of worship or the structure of their Church that is a complete reversal from centuries of established tradition and approved prayer life

How often can the faithful be pelted with more changes and be expected to accept them? I'm getting a headache just watching them, and I'm not Anglican.

I wish someone would explain to me what the core beliefs of the Anglican/Episcopal Church are, because at this point I'm lost. It seems every country... diocese... church... has their own sets of beliefs and ways of doing things. Truth is apparently only in the eyes of the beholder.

While I believe in the inherent equality of men and women, I don't think being treated equal means being identical. A father can never be a mother.. no matter how hard he tries. Only a woman can give birth. There are differences between men and women... why not celebrate them and embrace them?

I applauded the Women's Rights Movement until they started burning bras and dressing like men. Don't forget those women professors "back in the day" who refused to admit males to their classes... because that is a sign of acceptance and equality right?

I thought Christian worship was supposed to be Christ centered... not gender centered. The Anglican Communion seems to have forgotten that... putting gender first (women for the sake of having women up there), politics second (having gays up there for the sake of having gays there) and Christ third (Oh yea, we're Christian too).

I have no business telling people what to believe.. and if the Church of England wants women "priests" and "bishops", that's their business. But could they at least dress the part?? What's with all the "vestments" that look like they were assembled from a JoAnn Fabric's clearance sale??? I would think the office and title these women have been fighting for for so long would deserve a little more dignity.... or maybe the mitre has to match one's shoes. I don't know.

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Mary Kunz Goldman said...

JoAnn Fabrics vestments.. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA True, true!