Saturday, May 22, 2010

This & That

Yesterday my good friend Collin and I decided to get together and have a mini Golden Girls marathon at his apartment. Collin and I became good friends via the Internet, and some how formed a bond over "the girls" as we call them. He purchased the first two seasons of the The Golden Girls on DVD, and we picked some of our favorite episodes to watch... I brought the cheesecake.

It was fun just kicking back, quoting lines from the show, and having side conversations. We noticed little bloopers in the shows that we had never noticed before watching them on tv. Only nerds like us would notice such things.. only nerds like us we even get together for a night of this.. but we are who we are, and we are ok with that. :)

When I came home around 10:45 that night, there was a car in the middle of my street. The running lights were on, but the car was motionless. I thought perhaps the driver was talking to someone standing on the sidewalk whom I couldn't see. As my car approached, this vehicle stayed put. I had to maneuver around it to try and get by without scraping the curb.. since it was diagonal across the road. In passing, I could see no one in the car.

When I got in the house I told my father about the empty car with the lights on. He decided to walk down and have a look. He has more guts that I do... I watch from a distance. 15 minutes later he called the house to say someone was passed out in the car, and he had called the police. I then decided to go and join him so he didn't have to wait for the police alone.. on the sidewalk.. at night.. with a passed out driver.. in a car.. in the middle of the street.

We kept out distance from the car.. preferring to let the police take over. In addition to the driver, there was a little dog in the car. My Dad said the driver must have just passed out... but I pointed out it had to have been a somewhat conscious decision since the car was in park, and the seat was reclined.

The cops finally showed up and woke the driver. We were expecting to see a teenager pop his/her head up, instead it was a late 50's woman... whom I nicknamed "Aunt Fran". She looked like she just came back from Bingo and had a few too many Bud Lights. The officer asked her if she had been drinking, to which she responded, "Are you blind?!?"

She insisted she hadn't had too much to drink, and was not aware she was parked in the middle of the street, blocking traffic. She insisted she had pulled over to the curb, despite the fact that she and the police officer were standing next to her car... in the middle of the road.

I admit, we did stand there on the side walk watching most of this... like typical nosey neighbors. I was more interested in the young policemen (who doesn't love a man in uniform??), while my Dad was too busy getting a laugh out of "Aunt Fran". Finally I decided it was time to go when the real questioning of "Aunt Fran" began. Even if she was a drunk, she deserved her privacy... this wasn't an episode of "COPS" after all.

Since know one was hurt, I can say this was all hilarious to witness... but there certainly was potential for disaster. I guess it just goes to show that you never know what will happen in your neck of the woods.. even in the "quiet" suburbs.

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Mellow Yellow said...

This night was a blast, and the Aunt Fran story is still funny. I don't remember the young policeman. You should have offered to escort him to the policeman's ball. Do policemen still have balls?