Sunday, April 11, 2010

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. Let us all take time to remember the atrocities that have happened, are happening and can happen because of hate and prejudice.

Today we remember all the groups of people killed under the regime of the Nazis... The thousands upon thousands of Jews, Catholics, Polish, Jehovah Witnesses, Political Prisoners, and Homosexuals who were killed because they were labeled as "different".. and different is bad. Don't we still do this today? Label people as "other" and separate from the "norm".

Let's reflect on our own prejudices... and when we stand up and say "Never Again", let's mean it!

I'm watching another version of The Diary of Anne Frank. I always find myself hoping it will end differently... that they will all survive the war. I know how the story ends.. but I still hope it will end differently each time I watch it. It's just one story... one voice of so many that have been silenced prematurely because of hate.

The above picture is part of a prison uniform of a homosexual prisoner.. as denoted by the pink triangle. For those interested in learning about a less publicized group of people who were also targeted by the Nazis, I encourage you to read the short yet moving book: The Men with the Pink Triangle

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