Sunday, August 31, 2008

Work stories

This has been an interesting week at Wally World. First, one of our people greeters, who is in her mid to late 70's, got seriously hurt on the job... again. You wouldn't think it, but being a people greeter is a high risk profession. The store was very short staffed, and a new guy who didn't know what he was doing was sent to go bring carts into the store. He used the electronic cart machine.... the incorrect way. He lost control of the long line of shopping carts, which rammed into the 70-some-year old Gerrie. She was sent to the hospital with a broken foot.

That same day, a customer returned one of those plastic kiddie pools... one which of course they had used the entire summer... but Wally World takes anything back. Anywhoo... what makes this instance so different is what was on the pool that was accepted back for return. It had.. well... poop on it. Yes.. that's right... poop! I have no idea who authorized its return.. but there it was... poop and all. The worst part of the story was when one of the managers was asked to help throw it down the trash compacter... he had no idea what the pool had on it, and as he lifted it into the machine..... yup, you guessed it.... all over him!!! I would have quit.

It's an interesting place to work, and you can't make shit (excuse the pun) like this up!

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