Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Classifieds

Keeping an eye open for that illusive boy friend material is like sifting through the classifieds for a used car. At first, some of the ads looks REALLY good.. nice pics, right price, and good description. Then you look at the car, or the ass hole trying to sell it to you, and you either walk away slowly, or run like hell. This is the case with men.

Some of the guys I've been meeting just make me wonder what the hell western New York puts in their water. It has to be the water.. people can't be born that stupid and idiotic can they??

I think I'm going to start suing guys for false advertising. If you have a serious problem making semi-intelligent conversation, and don't have enough spine in you to stand behind your opinions or beliefs, please say so in your profile so it saves me the gas to come meet you in person... and then want to stab you with a fork.

I've learned not to settle for a car ever again.. and I sure as hell am not going to settle for a man... I'll simply abduct one. :)

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