Monday, April 30, 2007


Jason, my parents, and I went to the funeral for Anne's son this past Saturday. 
It was a gray and rainy day.. rather fitting for the mood of everyone in
attendance, naturally. I went up to Anne first to give her a hug, and see how
she was doing. When asked how she was, she told me she was pretending to ok. I
can't even imagine what she was feeling in her heart.. burying her "little" boy.

I was able to briefly speak with each of Anne's sisters, whom I had met once
before.. and it was nice to see them both, though regrettably under those
circumstances. At the luncheon, I got to meet her "baby" brother Tom, whom I
have heard SO much about. She always referred to him as the Messiah... being
the youngest, his older sister spoiled him, and still do to this day. When I
first met him, he shook my hand, and I genuflected in front of him as a play on
the "messiah" nickname. Anne, Tom, and her family burst out laughing. Tom
reminds me so much of Anne. He has a huge heart, and an AWESOME sense of humor.
I'm glad I was finally able to meet him in person.

I haven't had a chance to talk with Anne since Saturday. I know her sisters are
staying with her, so as long as I know she has company, I am going to stay out
of the way. She needs some time with family right now, and although she and I
are very close, I'd feel in the way and out of place right now. I am off of
work Wednesday, so I will call her then to see how she is.

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