Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Is the Week Over Yet?

This is turning out to be one long, daunting week. It is my last week of class, ending with my third exam on Thursday. I have a LOT of studying to do, as well as my lab which must get completed. Thankfully, I have only to write the conclusion, and it will be done. Please God.. all I ask is for a C in this course... nothing too miraculous.. just a C would be nice!!!

I went over to Anne's today to help her pick out some readings for her son's funeral on Saturday, as well as type up some of the readings for her, and bring over the picture of her son Jerry I had made up at work to use at the funeral. She and Vince are doing their best to keep going, but I can see it in their faces how utterly drained they both are. Anne told me today that after the funeral she thinks she is just going to collapse. Right now she is being driven by the fact that she knows things have to get done.. so she's in work mode. She told me it's in the next few weeks where she will really need me, when this finally does hit her full force. I'm glad she feels she can come to me.. I only wish there was more I could do.. if only I could some how wrap her up in a blanket and keep her from all this pain. But, the cold hard fact is, I can't.. no one can.

As if she didn't have enough on her mind, her granddaughter, Parris, has had at least two surgeries in the past two days due to infections. She has not been able to leave intensive care, and the doctors are still having a hard time with her blood pressure. Her colon has been swelling, and they had to give her a colostopy (spelling?). The doctors said it is reversible, but they have no idea at this point if she will be able to have it reversed, or need it for the rest of her life. I'll keep everyone posted as I get more news on her health. Just keep this kid in your hearts and minds.. she needs it!

I did get some good news today, which was quite a welcomed surprise. My friend Dave was just promoted to Finance Manager at the car dealership he works at. This means a nice pay raise for him, salary, and even an eventual company car. I'm so happy for him.. and damn proud of him too. He's a hard worker, and a good salesman -- and an honest one too (if there really is such a thing). Bout time some good came his way.

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