Monday, April 9, 2007


Despite the fact it was cold and gray out, it was a wonderful Easter Sunday.

I started off the day at Mass, to ponder the real meaning of the Easter holiday. The Gloria was returned to the Mass, as well as the use of the term "Alleluah". I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Then it was off to Aunt Joan's house to have brunch with Dad's side of the family. Aunt Joan did a great job with the mountains of breakfast food, and homemade chocolate candies. Mom's brother Vinny was in from NC, and came with us for Brunch.. which was a nice treat. He broke up with his girl friend, which is of course hard on him, especially for a holiday, so I'm sure he appreciated having somewhere to go.

I came home and enjoyed the down time before everyone came over the house for dinner. Caught a good movie on TV, and watched the Holy Father's "Urbi et Orbi" speech from Rome.

Dinner started at 5:30, and everyone left around midnight. We didn't think anyone was going to be here for dinner, but it turned out that Aunt Karen, Uncle Tony, Tony Jr. Uncle Vinny, Joe, and Katie ended up coming. :) Jason stopped by at 7 for dinner and desert. We had such a nice evening. We were all exhausted when the night was over, but we had a wonderful time talking over coffee and tea.

I have registered for my grad classes for the summer and fall semesters. I'll be taking three classes over the summer, and four (so far) in the fall. My bio class does pose a problem though.. If I don't earn at least a C average in the class, it won't count, and I'll have to take another science course sometime soon. That will really mess my plans up.. so keep a good thought for me. Also, for my initial certification, I have to follow UB's calendar of courses. One of the required courses I have to take in the Fall is already filled up. Figures. Now I have to try to get myself forced in, which most professors refuse to do. There's ALWAYS something. Oh well.. one battle at a time.

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