Saturday, May 24, 2008

Real men wear hats.

I generally don't make posts about my own personal fashion preferences, but as an observer of human behavior, I am always surprised when certain articles of clothing prompt positive reactions from people. So I thought I'd share.

For so many years I tried to fit in with other people, at least in terms of what I wore. I have horrible memories of being the kid in the hand me downs, and wanting so bad to fit in with whatever fashion was cool at the time. Even recently, within the past three years, I tried to revamp "my" style to be that of what I thought was popular around me. I failed miserably.

This year, a few pounds heavier, and a lot more weary from working my ass off all year, I have decided to say "the hell with it" and do what I like, and what I enjoy. I'm returning to the preppy button downs and the polos, and ditching the baseball cap which for so many years I despised. In fact, I have begun to don the fedora full time. Being "bald", hats serve a purpose for me year round other than just being fun to wear (and I admit I am a hat junkie), so I have purchased a few lids, and have worn them everywhere from work to the bars... and people have been surprising in their responses.

Strangers come up to me, of all ages, and compliment the lid I'm sporting that day. It's a bit odd, but still much appreciated. True, I stand out in a crowd, even though men wearing hats OTHER than baseball caps is on the rise, but I've learned that you have to live your life the way that suits you, your style, your beliefs, and your outlook. People respond better to you when you are yourself, clothing and all, and can back up your appearance with a genuine attitude to go along with it. I've played by other people's rules too often in the past, and I'm so tired of it. It's more fun to be yourself, and.. God forbid... be different. Let's face it, from my Buick, my pocket watch, and my signature lids, I'm eccentric through and through.... that works for me.

And the term is young fogey folks.. get it right!

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