Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Favorite School

Yesterday I made a visit to the school where I did my first placement as a student teacher. It was so nice to walk through the halls there again.. I really love it there. It was like coming home. Many of the faculty were happy to see me, and greeted me with big hugs and smiles. Students too came up to me in the hallways, and some even gave me big hugs to welcome me back.

After stopping to talk with some of the faculty, I stopped back to visit my former cooperating teacher, who at the time, had students (my former students) staying after school for help. Since I was their teacher not too long ago, they suckered me into giving them extra help too.. and I'm not on the payroll! It was ok though, I love those kids, and it was nice to be useful.

My last state certification exam is this upcoming Saturday early in the morning. It is the Content Specialist Test (CST) which tests the soon to be teacher in material related to his or her subject field. In my case, Social Studies. It is by far the hardest exam, one that many people have to take more than once to pass. Social Studies in particular is rather difficult since I can be tested on anything from ancient Mesopotamia to the current Bush administration, as well as everything in between. God always helps me out, and my last two placements have been very helpful in re-introducing me to areas of Global Studies and US History I haven't studied in a very long time. Also, while visiting the high school I student taught at, one of the Economics teachers lent me a textbook to help me study for the Economics section... which is my biggest fear. I, like many new Social Studies teachers, feel that Economics should be part of the Math and or Business departments, not Social Studies. Our degrees are in History (and sometimes politics), not Economics and Business. Oh well.. I'll live.

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