Sunday, May 4, 2008


This week I will be crossing the finish line. Wednesday is my last day of student teaching!!! I'm so excited. I'm eager to get it behind me and move on.

I have been disappointed that I have not managed to get any interviews for a position in the fall. I'm not too surprised since jobs in this area.. especially in Social Studies are hard to come by. I will just go ahead with working to complete my masters full time, and focus my efforts on getting a job for next year. Since I was SO bogged down with student teaching full time, working part time, and doing shit for UB, I will be able to get more done in terms of job hunting next year.

Tuesday I am going out to dinner with my group members from my student teaching seminars, and Wednesday, UB is having a "graduation" celebration for us. A small completion ceremony and a small reception afterwards. I'm a little bummed because my parents won't be there because they are in Disney World for the week. Also.. I won't even have my digital camera because they took it with them. Oh well.. still will be fun.

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