Saturday, November 17, 2007


I did some more observations at the school I am student teaching in, and for the first time, I am starting to feel comfortable with it. I am getting to know the faculty better, and don't feel like a total stranger there. It's a nice feeling, and I'm actually a little excited about student teaching January 8th.

As part of my Reflective Inquiry Paper, appropriately referred to as RIP for short, I was able to interview an openly lesbian teacher from the High School. Her story was very inspiring for me, and the faculty there are very accepting of her.. which is great. The teacher's union just voted to extend insurance and benefits to same sex partners, which shocked the hell out of me. While there is still much work to be done, and many more closet doors to open, there are positive and gradual changes taking place that most people don't even notice.

It was a slow day at work tonight, so I decided to get out my cell phone and go down the list of names, and randomly text people just to say hello... as I always do. Like I need a reason to send a text message. Being really bored, I decided to send a text to my ex (oo.. that rhymed!) Jeff. I don't really keep in touch with him, but every great while I get the idea to send him a message. Why? I don't know. Somethings don't change, and before I knew it, my phone showed he was calling. I never knew how I got him to do it, or maybe it's just his thing, but most times I would text him, he'd call back instead of texting a reply. My friends know I prefer the text message, and most times I have nothing to say other that "HI", "Dork", or just a smiley face. It was odd to hear his voice on the phone.. we hadn't verbally spoke since around June, I believe. I really shouldn't have bothered, but boredom makes me do weird things.

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