Sunday, November 11, 2007

I miss my dog.

I have always put a few plush toys on my Christmas tree. Some toys I've had since I was a kid, a goofy plush owl or two I find at the stores, and of course my statue of liberty SNOOPY. They make for nice filler in bald spots of the tree as they can just rest on top of the branches. I wanted to get some kind of ornament as a tribute to Toby. I looked at a few golden retriever ornaments.. some even with angel wings, but didn't see anything I liked. Finally, I stumbled upon a plush Golden retriever puppy. I almost cried when I saw it.. it looked just like Toby when we he was a puppy. The same sad eyes, that black nose, the red streak in his still blond fur, and the way he would lay down with his back legs sticking out. I ordered it instantly.. with a tear in my eye when I did.

I miss him SOOOOO much these days. His absence is hitting me more now then when it initially happened. Not sure why, but there it is.

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