Saturday, November 10, 2007

Is the semester over yet?

The days seem to pass by in one big blur, and all of a sudden it's Sunday again. My weekdays tend to be so damn busy that it feels like playing a game of monopoly where the other player has a whole side of the board filled with hotels. You just want to roll the dice and hope to skip past everything and land in the safe zone.. which for me is Sunday.

I had to give a mini lesson in my methods class on Thursday which had me sick to my stomach all day. I have taught lessons before to people of all ages, done public reading, and have no problem with public speaking.. in fact, I quite enjoy an audience, but this is different. When you are presenting material to a room full of people who know just as much, if not more than you on the subject, and are being graded, it can be quite overwhelming. I thought I did terrible, but I got high praise from the class. We have all admitted that presenting in front of our subject area peers is scary for just the reasons I mentioned, so we tend to over look to obvious jitters.

My presentation had to be in note taking/discussion format, so I chose to use the chalkboard over power point or overhead. I surprisingly was complimented by numerous other students, and the instructor about my chalkboard abilities. Apparently, I have awesome handwriting. When they told me that, I turned and scratched my head. It looked horrible to me. In addition to the nice handwriting, I was told I have that teacher "look". My friend Andy came to class late, after I was presenting my lesson, and he told me that for the first minute or so, he thought another professor was speaking to the class. I guess I look the part. I'll take the compliments.. they off set my nervousness about being a total flop as a teacher.. a little.

I'm still missing Toby quite a bit, and always think I hear him upstairs. It's hard not having a dog around. I've had one for 13 years, now all of a sudden, he's not there. The house just feels empty now. I miss the ole bean.

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