Saturday, August 11, 2007


I have had a horrible time sleeping lately. I'm not sure if it's a result of my medication or not... but here it is, after 2am, and I'm still up. Last night, I didn't fall asleep until almost 4am, and that was after a 9 hour shift at work... and even after I did manage to fall asleep, the nightmares make it so I'm not well rested when I awake. The Fall semester, as busy as it is sure to be, is going to be rough.

I received my final grade for my second (and last) summer grad class. I earned yet another A!! Woo hoo!! I'm so happy. This class was very enjoyable, and I learned so many new ideas to bring to the classroom I had never thought of before. I just hope the rest of my courses will be as enjoyable and informative. So far.. so good. :)

Jason and I spent most of Wednesday together hitting the antique shops in Clarance. I'm so proud of both of us for not buying a thing... though, we were both tempted numerous times. Jason treated me to a late lunch/early dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, which has become one of my favorite restaurants. We had a gorgeous waiter named Brian (I'm a sucker for that name), which made the meal all the more enjoyable. On the check, I wrote my e-mail addy, but never got a reply. I wasn't expecting to hear from the guy, but I firmly believe in the old saying of "nothing ventured, nothing gained."

It was nice spending time with Jason.. doing what we do best.... SHOPPING. The antique stores are a lot of fun for us, and of course, the Galleria mall is too. We couldn't believe how many of the stores already have their Halloween merchandise out. I love that holiday, but come on.. let's not rush it too much. Seasonal things get boring fast.. I don't want to be sick of it before October even arrives.

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