Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lions, and tigers, and Jason.. oh my!

Jason wanted to go to the Buffalo Zoo on Saturday. Of course, he would pick one of the hottest days of the summer to go! We had fun, but I was a puddle by the time we left. Most of the animals were inside where it was probably air conditioned (or at least cooler)... and the ones who stayed outside were laying on their backs doing nothing.

We went for a late lunch, and then I had the brilliant idea to walk up and down Hertel Ave. to look at the various stores and antique shops there. And I thought I was hot and sweaty at the Zoo?? Thank God for CVS and bottled water!! We had fun, but at times it felt like a death march.

I had a visitor with me at Mass this morning. An acquaintance of mine who moved up here from North Carolina asked if he could accompany me to Mass. He met at the Church, and though we didn't get to socialize much, we did get to catch up for a few minutes out front after Mass was over. It was nice to have the company, though odd that it was a southern Protestant.. though a good kind of odd. He had been to the Classical Mass before, and likes the "smells and bells", along with all the customs and traditions. I know he's a little uneasy with starting his doctoral work here at UB, as well as looking for a job... and he said this helped him a bit mentally. It keeps me going. :)

My folks are once again gone for the week to Disney World. For my mother, Disney World and Cinderella's Castle are to her what the Vatican and St. Peter's are to me. She and my father (and sister Kristy) are going to meet their friends from Austria there, and spend the week vacationing together. Sounds like they will have a good time.. though they will have the August Florida heat to deal with.

For those of you who have been curious as to Toby's health, he is doing well, and has his appetite back. His blood work showed he has a liver condition which is treatable with meds that he is now on. He is having trouble with his back hips again, however, and is having a rough time getting up when he lays down. Every now and then we have to lift his butt up for him, then he does fine. He'll need to get another cortisone shot in his hips when he goes to the vet next month.

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