Thursday, August 30, 2007

Teacher Boot Camp

I have left the kiddie pool of my educational career, and dove head first into the deep end. As of this week, I have started a highly intensive and involved academic program in order to prepare me for recommendation for the New York State Initial Certification in Teaching. I affectionately refer to this year as "The Teacher's Boot Camp". Everything is intensive (a word students and instructors alike use often), compact, fast moving, and time consuming. I am reminded of the words of the Borg (Star Trek reference), "Life as you know it, is over. From this day forward, you will service us."

It was made very clear to us today at the orientation for the field experience part of the semester that school, not work, not family, not friends, is to be our highest importance. In fact, the excuse of "I can't make it because of work" is not acceptable, and actually considered a sign to the instructors and TEA's that we are not serious about this program and our career. In a way, I understand where they are coming from.. there is so much to do and get involved in. On the other hand, this is a very EXPENSIVE program, and the money (not to mention health insurance) has to come from some where. --> Please not I am gladly accepting donations!! HAHAHA!

While my courses are fascinating in and of themselves, lumped together they can be over whelming and daunting. The enormously heavy course work that is done outside of campus is so great that I need to remind everyone just how unavailable I may become for the next two semesters. While I will do my best to get out and see people as often as possible to help maintain my mental sanity, please keep in mind that I will not always be available for social get togethers. Text messages, IM's, e-mails, and the occasional phone calls will be the best way to keep in touch with me... with actual visits being much MUCH less frequent.

Sounds like fun eh?

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