Monday, August 20, 2007

Piss and Moan

This is to be my piss and moan entry. Enjoy :)

I took Virgil (my car) to Midas to get a front end alignment. I've needed one for some time now, and the tires have been wearing unevenly as a result, so I decided to get it done before taking my road trip to Pa this week. We got a call from the Midas man, and come to find out, in addition to the alignment, the car needs new struts and studs (I think). All in all, it would have cost $700!! Needless to say, I was pissed.

So, I brought home Virgil, non-repaired. We were warned not to let the condition linger as the parts that need replacing are well worn. So, we put a call into our family mechanic who works for a dealership (and who's children I'm sure we have put through college) to hopefully take the car, and repair it himself sometime SOON, and for less. My trip has of course been canceled. Virgil is in no shape for the 300 mile (one way) trek.

I was really looking forward to spending the time with Jason, as well as visiting my Great-Aunts whom I have not seen since Grandma's funeral over two years ago. Not to mention the summer is over (classes start next week), and I have gone NO WHERE. So, I am disappointed not to be able to see my family, and pissed off at the huge car bill I will end up paying to get the car repaired. Yay!!! -- Where is this crappy carma coming from anyway???

As I mentioned, classes start next week. This also means my tuition bill is due. I just paid it online... $4200. Woo hoo!!! The joys of being a student. Can't wait to see how much books cost.

Toby is still hanging in there. He finally has his appetite back. His bark is rather horsed, and he sounds like such an old fart when he barks. I'm still eager to get his test results back from the vet on Thursday.

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