Sunday, May 27, 2007

This & That

Please note the sarcasm in the following three statements: Literacy homework is just SO much fun. I don't want to gouge my eyes out at all. I LOVE this class!

Uncle Vinny surprised us and came in for the weekend. He is addicted to Condrell's ice cream shop on Delaware Ave. in Kenmore, and invited me to join he and the family last night for ice cream. I turned them down on the grounds I'm trying to lose some weight, but caved into the peer pressure and went with them tonight (yes, they went AGAIN). Everyone else was eating these huge ice cream wonders... while yours truly had a fat free-sugar free hot fudge sundae. The ironic part? I did opt for the real whip cream, so basically I canceled out the whole "healthier" concept of the fat/sugar free.

We're having everyone over the house for dinner tomorrow, for bbq chicken. Should be nice to have everyone over, and since I get out at 1pm from work.. I can actually enjoy the event.

I spoke with Anne today, and Parris is doing better. Not sure if I posted it or not, but she recently flat lined in the hospital, and had to be revived. She was back in intensive care. Anne tells me she is doing better, and they have her in a wheel chair to get her around outside of bed. I'm assuming that means she's out of ICU. Anne got to talk to her for the FIRST time since all this happened about a month ago, yesterday. She said Parris sounds weak, as is to be expected, but progressing in the right direction. Anne is torn whether or not to visit her now, or go later. The trip is expensive, and they no longer have a place to stay with her son gone. She wants to be able to go when she can actually sit and talk with her granddaughter, instead of making the trip to sit by her bedside as she sleeps. I know she and Vince are torn about what to do.. it wouldn't surprise me if they hopped on a plane tomorrow.

One of the many, many, many, many reading assignments I have had (in only TWO classes) was entitled "Everything you Wanted to Know About Phonics. But Were Afraid to Ask" -- I have chosen to re-name it: "Everything I Didn't Need to Know About Phonics... And Couldn't Care Less About"

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